NYC Dermatologist

NYC Dermatologist

Larry Jaeger, founder and Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates has provided expert medical, surgical and cosmetic Dermatological treatments for patients for over twenty-five years. As a surgical Dermatologist and leading practitioner of Dermatological Medicine in New York, Larry Jaeger has established a network of skin treatment clinics that provides relief for thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of skin diseases. As a young physician he recognized that developing low cost treatments for a large urban population with limited financial resources was both a social responsibility and a medical necessity. With this dedication in mind, Doctor Larry Jaeger was able to grow Advanced Dermatology into the largest private Dermatology practice in The Bronx, providing essential skin treatments for thousands of patients every year. NYC Dermatologist.


Advanced Dermatology – Skin Care For All

As the demand for his dermatological treatments continued to grow, Larry Jaeger created Advanced Dermatology “Prescriptives”, a unique line of medicated lotions, creams, exfoliants, and scrubs that are available at all Advanced Dermatology Associates locations as well online. These treatments have proven extremely effective and have been specially formulated to address the underlying root causes and not just the symptoms of a variety of skin diseases.


Larry Jaeger is a well respected Dermatologist in New York City. His steadfast determination to provide low cost, affordable Dermatology treatments to a low income demographic has resulted in great admiration from both peers and patients. Dr. Larry Jaeger does not just treat the symptoms of a skin disease. His evaluation of a patient will assess the underlying cause of a particular ailment and he concentrates on not only providing relief from the symptoms but treating the root cause of the disease.


As a long term resident of New York, Dr. Larry Jaeger is acutely aware of the skyrocketing costs healthcare. He is determined not to just pass along these costs to his patients. He is an expert at determining the most cost effective treatments for his patients on an individual patient by patient basis.