Dermatology in New York

Larry Jaeger is an accomplished New York Dermatologist with a excellent track record of providing
Dermatologic treatments for patients with all forms of skin disease.
As the founder and owner of Advanced Dermatology Associates, Larry Jaeger has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from skin disorders such as Acne,Psoriasis,Shingles,Melanomas,and Eczema. For over twenty-five years Dr. Larry Jaeger has followed the same principle, to discover and treat the underlying causes of patients’ Dermatologic disorders rather than just address the symptoms. By utilizing this approach to Dermatologic treatment,Larry Jaeger greatly increases the chance for a long tem solution rather than a short term removal of the symptoms.

Larry Jaeger is a Board Certified Medical,Cosmetic,and Surgical Dermatlogist and has operated a successful Dermatology practice in Manhattan and The Bronx since 1992. As a young medical practitioner he recognized the rising costs of providing medical care and need to create affordable treatment plans for an urban demographic. With this in mind he began expanding his practice and today, Advanced Dermatology Associates is the largest privately held network of Dermatologic treatment centers in The Bronx. Part of his success is due to the creation of Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives, a widely available line of Dermatologic creams,ointments,and lotions essential to maintaining healthy skin. Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives are available online at

Larry Jaeger is a honors graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He obtained his medical dgree in Missouri and completed an internship in surgery and medicine and a four year residency in Dermatology at St. Barnabus Hospital. As the chief resident at St. Barnabus Hospital in New York he was instrumental in guiding the medical carers of other young physicians and became an instructor of Dermatology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Larry Jaeger continues to help other medical professionals through the Healthcare Management Group he founded in 2002. Prestige Healthcare Management Group provides Physicians and Healthcare professionals navigate the exceedingly costly demands of operating a succesful medical practice. Larry Jaeger imparts lends his business acumen in areas such as Medical Real Estate Management,Acquisition,and Investment, Medical Billing Compliance Training and Management, and Electronic Medical Records Utilization.